After finishing our photoshoot in Jungfrau, I was instantly charmed by the Swiss winter villages and naturally, having only two extra days in Swiss before heading back to Paris, I wanted to see more. We took the train from Montreux to Zermatt in the morning, wanting to see the Toblerone Mountain Matterhorn, and all the bones in my body kept telling me that I need to put on at least fifteen more layers (which I failed to do, as always). But nonetheless I and Melvin had an unforgettable time sitting up on the snowy hills (and freezing our ass off) waiting for the clouds to clear (they didn’t) so we could get a clear view of the Matterhorn (we didn’t) listening to Bon Iver’s Holocene while gritting our teeth.

Some moments are meant to be treasured forever. This was one of them.

All photos taken by me with Sony A7 + Carl Zeiss 24-70mm, photos of me taken by Melvin.



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