If there’s one of many things I miss the most about Marrakech, it’s definitely the food. From the first day we were greeted with a sumptous dinner of tagines, chermoula, couscous and of course the aromatic Moroccan mint tea. Over the whole journey, we devoured even more tagines (and other traditional and fusion food) and my tummy couldn’t be more happy. I love how the Moroccan dishes use lots of spices and ingredients such as saffron, mint, olives and lemons that add an intriguing and exotic taste.

Here are three of my favorite Restaurants in this city:

Le Jardin

Moroccan scorching heat in the summer can be pretty unforgivable. But hidden away down a secluded alleyway, we found this oasis of peace within the chaotic world of the Souk and Medina. Le Jardin combines traditional Moroccan design, lush greeneries and retro 1960s decor that makes your eyes feast as much as your stomach.

Le Jardin : 32 Route Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech +212 524378295


The decor in this restaurant / rooftop bars as well as the menu is very modern, featuring eclectic twists on Moroccan classic dishes and a great selection of cocktails. We went here for the best chicken brochette+couscous in marrakech and to enjoy the tangerine sunset.


Nomad : 1, Derb Aarjan. Marrakech

Cafe des Epices

This cute little cafe in the heart of the medina is an obligatory stop for an iced coffee (or brunch) after a hot day of sweating, shopping, and haggling in the souk. Bonus point because the staffs are super friendly and they played a super cool playlist while we were there (There’s nothing like sipping your cold cappucino while Bon Iver’s playing on the background. That’s definitely next level cool (if you like cold cappucino (and if you like Bon Iver (But who doesn’t??)))).

Cafe des Epices : 1, Derb Aarjan. Marrakech, right in front of NOMAD


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