As I grow up, the excitement of Christmas seemed to have lost its sparkles compared to when I was five (all chubby innocent and big eyed, happily opening my presents). But there are a few places all over the world where I usually relive those magical days of my childhood. Switzerland is home to many of those places. With wooden cabin houses, big christmas trees (NOT made of plastic), hot chocolate and snowy villages, it’s the right place to reconnect with the five year old me (minus the drooling and chocolate all over my new clothes).

When it comes to Christmas villages, nothing would beat the crème de la crème (plus a cherry and lots of chocolate sprinkles on top) that is Montreux. This is the city where the spirit of Christmas pervades every street, and where you can find the most enchanting Marché de Noël (Christmas Market) in the whole Switzerland with the backdrop of beautiful Lake Geneva.







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