Jiufen is a gentrified old mining gold town originally built by the Japanese located on the Northeast Mountains of New Taipei City. The town consists of mazed lanes with cobblestone steps and alleywalls surrounding a hill, nowadays filled with both retro Chinese and Japanese style cafés, souvenir shops, and teahouses with spectacular views of the ocean. It’s one of the main tourist destination in Taipei and it can be really crowded any time of the day (during any season). When we visited, it was raining and foggy so make sure you have your raincoat handy. The sea of umbrellas make an even more magical views of the town (providing you’re being careful of not bumping others with your umbrella/getting bumped). The whole town is so picturesque it’s no wonder that it has inspired Hayao Miyazaki for his Academy Award masterpiece Spirited Away.




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