My first chance to use the camera was during my work trip to Moscow, when I was assigned to do a ten pages editorial shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. It was our first time shooting in Moscow and I was briefed to “Carry gears to a minimum” to “Avoid attention at public places”, and being an impulsive, self-challenging person that I am, I decided to only bring this camera with me.

A compact camera. For an international publication shoot. Self-challenging? A crazy lady is more appropriate. I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could use only this small camera to create excellent work. Well… #Sagittarius.

So short story even shorter, I left and shot with only one camera with only ONE FOCAL LENGTH (and two extra batteries), and my initial nervousness soon faded away when I started snapping. I was blown away.

How do I start to describe it. I never felt that much freedom in my life. I mean, after having travelled with so many cameras and lenses, carrying only a compact is surely liberating. I will let our final images for the publication do the talking below.

Now here comes the review; because after that Moscow trip I just can’t part with this adorable thing.

Have you heard me raving about my awesome, super sharp, 46.4 megapixel A7R II sensor? This camera has the same sensor. The RX1Rii is just as wide as my phone and has a sensor as big as my professional mirrorless camera, and bigger than other brands. The ISO sensitivity range is also impressive. It can go from ISO 100-25600, with 51200 and 102400 extended modes on hand. Compact AND uber powerful.

Paired with the stellar Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2 makes it creates phenomenal quality images from a very fast Autofocus. Having this power in something this small is so amazing.

Other neat factor to consider; the camera has minimal intrusiveness factor as its so small so it’s perfect for street shots. Everyone thinks this camera is a toy; that gives me easier access to portraits than when I’m carrying a big camera and larger lens.

The only con: Battery life. I carry 2-3 battery with me when I travel more than 3 days. This is one of the most amazing sensor technologies that exists, so it is kinda inevitable that those tiny batteries don’t last that long.

Do I recommend this most-expensive compact camera to you? Yes. If you want the smallest, no compromise, highest quality mirrorless compact camera available to date, this is it. No competition exist. It is better than most SLRs costing twice as much. Andddd for ladies: it fits comfortably inside your handbag.


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Wow, great job doing the review, and i was blown away with the result, and even tho it only has a 35mm focal length, with those full frame and f2 lens there is some bokeh you can get…
Keep on going the review, and i will suggest you also to make a video review and your own hands on and share it on youtube, that will be cool, and to see example you can watch irine rudryk channel on youtube… She is a very cool photographer, and youtuber


ahhh I am obsessed with this camera!!
I’m ordering one into my work and deciding whether I should spend so much money on it but it just looks incredible in every photo it takes!!
Amazing photos 🙂


Blown away!

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