When you only have two days for a short weekend getaway, forget about plane rides or hours being stuck in traffic; girl got no time for that. Tiger Island (Pulau Macan) Eco Resort is a 90 minutes ferry ride away from the hectic city life in Jakarta and it’s so amazing I can’t recommend it enough.

Tiger Island is one of the 128 islands known as Pulau Seribu (Thousand Archipelago), located on the north coast of Jakarta. Some of the islands in Pulau Seribu is inhabited, and some are privately owned (leased) and developed into beautiful travel destinations. I’ve been to several other island resorts and Tiger Island definitely is on the top of my list as the cleanest, most friendly, safest and most authentic.

Forget about aircon or hot water, because neither of them is around -which, trust me, is not something you’ll be looking for. The Resort is a self sufficient environment friendly resort. There is electricity available on the island, however only in the evening or in the daytime by request. From the solar powered energy, rainwater showers to the adorable driftwood interiors, the resort definitely stays true to its eco philosophy.

Upon arrival, you can opt to chill on the couch/bean bags in either the club house or the sun deck, listen to music and the sounds of waves (the Clara Bruni playlist stole my heart), getting yourself used to the pace and vibe of the island, while waiting for your room to be ready. Breakfast and lunch are served in the club house, while dinner is served on the sun deck overlooking the sea. They serve amazing home cooked meal of rice, seafood and vegetables on both lunch and dinner buffet; meanwhile bread and jams (and nutella) are available the whole day free of charge.

I stayed in the Driftwood Hut, an adorable little cabin for two entirely made of wood, bamboo and the craziest Pinterest setting a girl can ever dream of. The cabin is built facing straight to the crystal clear water and has the most breathtaking sunset view ever, straight from your bed. The room barely has walls and doors; you can only roll the bamboo curtain down to cover the room (but why would you even want to do that?)

I paddled to the nearby smaller white island Pulau Macan Gundul in the morning (awesome arm exercise #roadtosexybicep2017) and stayed for an hour playing with water until I got baked enough in the sun. There are many other activities that the resort offers including scuba diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, and they’re all free to use all day.

Pulau Macan / Tiger Island Eco Resort

Getting there:

The standard departure point for most islands in Pulau Seribu is at the Ancol Marina, at Pier 17.  These boats usually stop at a couple islands before reaching Pulau Macan, and the trip usually takes about 2 – 2.5 hrs. Departures from the Marina’s in Jakarta are around 8 am and arrival time to the island is around 10 am. Departures from the island are around 2 pm and arrival time to Jakarta is around 4 – 4:30 pm.

Jakarta Office:
Beehive Cafe Jl. Fatmawati no. 39 Jakarta 12430
Phone: +6281297531395

Reservations & Info:
Stevie : +6281291642914
Oche : +6287882341314
Sylvi : +6281297531395

Agnes : agnes@zevillages.com
Rod : rod@zevillages.com


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Hey thanks for the review, anyway how much is the total cost to go there? Can you share about that?

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