If you’re NOT new on the ‘Gram, you must be familiar with at least one of these words (or let me say hashtag): selfie, flatlay, fromwhereistand (or widely known as shoefie aka IG obsession of feet), cityscape, foliage, … the list goes on…  vsco, organicbreakfast, artisanalcoffee, blessed…. If you know every single one of the terms … Continue Reading

One of the best thing about Paris is that she never ceased to surprise me. After numerous visits to the city of light, you think you’ve seen everything -touristy or non touristy, but there’s always a treasure hiding on every corner waiting to be discovered. Île Saint-Louis is by no means a corner; it’s actually A … Continue Reading

When you only have two days for a short weekend getaway, forget about plane rides or hours being stuck in traffic; girl got no time for that. Tiger Island (Pulau Macan) Eco Resort is a 90 minutes ferry ride away from the hectic city life in Jakarta and it’s so amazing I can’t recommend it enough. Tiger … Continue Reading

Paula @Wynn Models, Make Up by Rommy Andreas @The A Team Management  |  Wearing Girl on a Vine velvet bell bottoms, Auguste floral dress.

No first time trip to Istanbul can be complete without visiting its two outstanding landmarks, Hagia Sophia and The Blue Mosque. These two great architectural achievements from the Ottoman Empire stand next to each other in Istanbul’s main square, as if competing to be more impressive than the other. During my trips in Istanbul in October and … Continue Reading

Ok, before I start; this is not a zoom vs prime battle. I use both, I love both, but on this journal today, we’re gonna focus on the latter one to help you choose which focal length you should get for your next investment. What is a prime lens? It’s a lens that doesn’t zoom. Duh. … Continue Reading

Five years ago, I was pretty frustated for the lack of good coffee place in the City of Light. How come a city who is adored for its divine cuisine, desserts and wine can make such terrible coffee? Ironically, there are thousands of cafés in Paris on practically every street corner, each full with Parisians sitting … Continue Reading

You know why they call the 85mm the best lens for portraits? First of all, the 85mm lens won’t distort the subject in any way. You can get as close as you want to your subject without creating wide distortion on the nose of jaws like what most shorter telephoto lenses do (yes, even on the … Continue Reading

Been awhile I haven’t posted any Outfits journal, so here are a post of my favorite summer dresses right now: Photography by Leone Stave & Agus San of NPMPhoto Also, our precious shop, Älska is renovated and came with a new concept. It’s still on the same building, but we are now located on the second floor. … Continue Reading

Photography and Text by: Melvin Roberto Hi everyone! This is Melvin writing for Nicoline’s Journal. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit some of Europe’s most wonderful destinations ever and I will share all the photos and stories here. This first post is about Chefchaouen the blue city , in Morocco, that has … Continue Reading