During my trip in 2015, I and my family got into a week roadtrip all around Turkey, visiting three cities that have been in my bucket list for years: Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. I can say after the first visit that Istanbul easily has become one of my most favorite destinations in the whole world. … Continue Reading

Cappadocia… a whimsical geological oddity so of hills, man made caves and rock facades of otherworldly beauty. The land of fairytale chimneys and psychedelic shape of boulders like it belongs to a daydream… or a sci-fi movie. It’s a panoramic landscape that I would remember for the rest of my life. The soft rock formations were a result of … Continue Reading

Marine Francois @ Karin Models Paris. Shot entirely with Sony A7Rii + SEL2470 GM

A long overdue post from my precious end-year holiday in Bali with my Mom because been waiting for summer to finally post these! We stayed in Ubud for three days and had one of the most amazing time ever. Here’s a roundup of the pictures of the places we visited and yummy food we ate: … Continue Reading

Shopping Guide

My latest purchase were these amazing velvet bell bottoms from Girl on a Vine. When I got them on the mail, I know that I’m going to wear them EVERYDAY. If Janis Joplin was still alive I’m sure she’s gonna snatch a dozen pair. The flares are legs hugging with lots of stretch, a nice weight, … Continue Reading

Hi all, finally updating this Journal with Sunny Beachy Summery photos! Spend a long weekend in Bali two weeks ago for a shoot; roamed around the usual Seminyak with the team and kinda went on a shopping spree on my two favorite brands: Magali Pascal and Auguste. Their recent collection is a danger to the … Continue Reading

Floral Summer

Whether you like it or not, we are living in a selfie-era. Admit it, no matter how modest or shy you are as a person, you’ve used your front camera at least one to take a beautiful/slay/silly snap of yourself (unless you happen to be… Anna Wintour.) On another case (and another level or selfie-nity), if you’re … Continue Reading

If I had one Euro for the number of “What lens do you use?”questions I received on instagram DM, I would probably be able to afford that Iceland trip. No kidding. Ok half kidding. But I understand why you guys ask that, afterall lenses are expensive splurge for us photographers, and getting the right one is … Continue Reading

I might not be the most informative culinary blogger but I can assure you I know a good cake when I taste one, based on the fact that I can live off eating desserts the whole year. There are only two cities in the world where I would indulge in my sweet craving (aka cake-binge) within … Continue Reading

There’s too many reasons why a 24-70mm lens will always be there inside every professional photographer’s camera bag. First, because it’s a strong and durable all-around lenses. Second, it’s the most versatile focal range for landscape, street, fashion, portrait, anything you could think of! Of course you can opt to have a wider landscape view … Continue Reading