The perfect two words to describe the Marrakech’s souks would be: Sensory Overload. The seemingly endless maze market with thousands of stalls in the heart of the Medina was a bit overwhelming on our first day; we got lost and disoriented wandering around and we never found that shop selling the cute necklace that I wanted but at first hesitated (damn). But on the second day, we already started to follow the beat of the city’s heart (thanks Google Map!) and finally I found that Marrakech is just the perfect mix of colour, energy, and vibrance; once you get used to it.


On my third day of exploring the Souks that sell everything (perfumes, spices, bags, clothes, baskets, shawls, carpets, shoes, you name it, they got it) I began to wish I arrived in Marrakech with an empty suitcase. During the hedonistic streak of  consumption I got several handmade Moroccan silver and beaded necklaces for Alska and some pretty cotton caftans for my mom (and lamps and teapots and too many other things… Kill me.)



All photos taken with Sony A7Rii + Carl Zeiss FE 55mm and 35mm | Photos of me taken by Melvin Roberto.

Wearing Lily of the Valley black dress, AS-98 boots, both from Free People, scarf and necklaces from Alska, and a discounted beige djellaba scored in the Souk for US$5 #dances.

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