Have you ever had those trip which you impulsively bought a ticket in a sheer moment? My Santorini trip was one of those. Last fall I had to be in Europe for three weeks with five spare days in between my first job in Cologne and the second one in Paris. In the beginning I contemplated going to either Budapest or Warsaw (both are up there on my bucket list) for the break, before finally deciding to spend it in this beautiful white island. I took a direct flight (Transavia) from Paris Orly to Thira which cost me 130EUR one way (September 2016) and the journey took approximately two and a half hours.


After the impulsive hotel booking (which I did even before I booked my ticket. What was I thinking?), I decided to browse around for nice spot to visit, only to find out later that I the villa that I booked was situated right in the middle of the most scenic spot of Santorini. Naturally that made me skipped all the hiking trails to see the most famous sunset in the whole Europe, and made me gained my holiday kilograms as well, thanks. Basically all I did in those four days was: wake up late, eat, sip, eat, watch people, walk abit. Repeat.

I stayed in Aspa Villas, an adorable lodging with Cycladic-style studios with a sun terrace looking over the Aegean Sea, the Caldera and the sunset. This villa won my heart when I entered the room. It has fast wifi (my french simcard was proven useless on this country, but it’s good to walk around without data connection sometimes, my eyes were spoiled by blue skies and gorgeous beach instead of constantly glued to the screen); friendly staff, outdoor jacuzzi (which I didn’t try because it was damn windy outside), and a pantry full of bread, jam, honey and wine (!) that’s included when you book any room. Win.


Oia is truly gorgeous and has the most relaxed vibe ever. The people are sweet and friendly, every corner is postcard-picturesque (or as we put it nowadays: instagram-worthy), the food is great, the yoghurt is out-of-this-world-yummy and the sunset is breathtaking. It was pretty busy when I visited but I never really felt it’s too crowded. When I felt there’s too many people around the central pathway that cuts through the island, I would randomly take a turn into one of those many winding streets and end up overlooking another stunning view of the whitewashed building and blue skies.



Top, Anthropologie. Flare trousers, Zara. 


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Nice photos! So breathtaking.


Those are beautiful photos!! <3
Thank you for sharing, Nicoline! 😉
Hope I can visit Greece someday, soon in the future! <3

Kisses from Tokyo,




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