Sometimes (being a girl), all I need is one lens that produces beautiful and sharp images but also being really, really, really light.

Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Lens

Released together with Sony’s Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras, this was the first partner in crime to my A7. This lens never leaves my bag. In fact, this is the one lens I take for editorial work, holiday, or everyday shoot. Paired with the trusty A7, this lens has probably created 80% of the images you see on this blog. The 55/1.8 lives up to its Carl Zeiss branding. It is VERY compact, lightweighted, super fast, super sharp and best of all, more budget friendly (compared to its sister, the Planar 50) with such amazing quality (What’s not to love?).

Sony A7 + 55mm; 1/320; F/2.5

Sony A7 + 55mm; 1/400; F/1.8

Sony A7 + 55mm; 1/800; F/2.5

The 1.8 aperture creates gorgeous (and super creamy!) background bokeh to separate your subject from the distracting background. It also supports you to shoot handheld in low-light conditions while still getting outstanding sharpness and clarity.

Sony A7 + 55mm; 1/500; F/1.8

Sony A7 + 55mm; 1/320; F/2

Superb result on portrait and fashion photos. Distortion? What distortion? There’s no such word with this baby.

The lens is dust and moisture resistant, and made of beautiful black metal. Like I said earlier, this is my daily go-to prime lens. It has met light rain, fog, sand, dust, Bali scorching heat, Swiss mountain snowstorm, and is sturdy enough to be perfectly okay when it fell down the hill that one time (Thanks clumsy hands. And no I really don’t recommend you throwing your lenses around.)

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Whoaa!! It definitely produces sharp but creamy pictures at the same time!
Anyway, I have just carelessly dropped my 50mm lens at now it’s being hospitalized, lol!
Pretty surprised when you said that the lens ever fell down the hill and managed to be perfectly okay, wow!
Always loving your works and blog posts!

Oh, and anyway Nicole, could you make a post about how to keep your camera working perfectly under a harsh weather (ex: heavy snowfall, etc.)

Kisses from Tokyo,



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