There’s too many reasons why a 24-70mm lens will always be there inside every professional photographer’s camera bag. First, because it’s a strong and durable all-around lenses. Second, it’s the most versatile focal range for landscape, street, fashion, portrait, anything you could think of! Of course you can opt to have a wider landscape view with a dedicated 16mm or 18mm lenses; but at 24mm on a full frame sensor, you will get a viewing angle of of 84 degrees which gives a pretty wide angle of view without too much unwanted distortion; ALSO you have the closer distance zoom (50mm upwards) to give you amazing portrait and details shot, all in one lens.

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 70mm; 1/800; F/4

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 25mm; 1/200; F/3.2

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 70mm; 1/320; F/4

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 70mm; 1/640; F/2.8

Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 G-Master was a long awaited standard zoom in Sony FE system; and after the wait, I quickly realized it’s been well worth the long time. Sony has delivered the best-in-class zoom lens that is also probably the only lens you’ll need in your life. Do you remember the old “zoom vs prime lenses” debate? That zoom lenses would never be in par with primes in term of sharpness and quality? That debate is no longer relevant because this one surely rivals -and maybe exceeds- the primes in the same focal range.

The weight, size and price of the GM is sadly double of the previous Sony-Zeiss 24-70mm f4 (see review about this lens here), but quality wise, you’ll see why all the technology requires a bigger body. This lens is comparable to the A mount Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 that I had used for years on my A900, and if you’re familiar with that lens, it’s also the same size and weight with the GM.

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 70mm; 1/800; F/5.6

Sony A7Rii + SEL 2470 G Master at 35mm; 1/200; F/2.8

I recently took the GM to a work travel in Paris and Tokyo, and considering the size and weight, on this trip I decided to only carry this one lens with me (normally I carry two lenses on a trip). It was the wisest decision I’ve probably ever done because this lens conquered everything. The bulkiness actually paid for all the convenience of not having to carry extra lenses or change lenses all the time because it covered all the focal length I need.


The 2.8 aperture is a breeze, especially compared to the previous E mount edition of Sony Zeiss lens for the same focal length, but price wise, I guess it’s no contest. I would still highly recommend the Sony Zeiss for all aspiring travel or fashion photographers because it’s a compact all around lens with all the convenience, but for photographers who look to enhance their arts to a more professional range, you definitely should (save up and) get the GM. Does it worth the price? Yes, every penny.

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