Hey guys, I’m back with another travel tips! Lots of people asked me how I stayed healthy during my travels, and to tell you the truth, I kinda do take care of my health seriously. Because nothing is worse than getting sick when you’re traveling, especially somewhere far and remote #knockonwood. Getting sick or ill can be really pricey when you’re abroad, and it will surely take away all the fun in your trips! So, learn 10 tips to stay healthy and fit during traveling here!

So here are 10 simple but foolproof ways you can do in your vacation/business travels to keep yourself healthy and happy:

1. Stay hydrated! You’ll obviously spend your days mostly outdoor when you’re in vacation. Because why staying inside the hotel the whole day, right? Walking outside will definitely dehydrate you if you don’t drink enough. Keep a plastic tumbler with you and fill it with water in the morning before you head out to your adventures. In some countries, tap water is safe to drink so you’ll have no excuse anymore. I can’t stress enough that this is so easy, cheap (free!) and important, guys. In fact, this point it so important that I can always stop here. Just kidding.

2. Always, always take your sport shoes with you. If you can pack three high heels in your suitcase, you do have space for your sport shoes as well.  While we’re still on the subject, don’t forget to pack your sport bra and gym/training pants as well. Choose a comfortable pair that you can also wear to bed so it will save up space inside your suitcase. Read my guide about packing here.

Spend a morning walking, jogging or exercising in the park and soak in the fresh air in the nature. Don’t forget your water tumbler. If you’re not into running (like me), you can do these simple no-equipment exercise even inside your room:

  • 1 minute jumping jack
  • 1 minute hip push up
  • 1 minute squats
  • 1 minute crunches
  • 1 minute planking

There, it will just only take you 5 minutes… ok, maybe 8 minutes including 20 seconds rest in between. Trade your extra 5 minutes inside the blanket with these routines. Don’t forget to stretch.

3. Fill your pillbox with multivitamins and take them in the morning, daily, to boost your immune system.

4. Do not succumb to the junk food temptation. Macdonald’s taste the same all over the world, and the excess grease #eww will make you bloated and not enjoying your walk.

5. If healthy/organic food joints are too pricey and might break your vacation budget, go to the grocery store and buy breads, yogurt, eggs and fresh fruits instead. They might not make a perfect instagram spot like the aforementioned fancy places and your avocado toast might not look as pretty as theirs, but your wallet and body will thank you. Wait, while you’re in the grocery shop, throw in some protein bars too.

6. Not to sound like my mom or your mom, but breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Fix your breakfast from your groceries on point (6) and you’ll be fueled for the rest of your day.

7. Having enough rest sounds like a ridiculous advice when you’re combating jetlag, but drinking alcohol at night will not solve this. You might think a glass of wine will comfort you to sleep but instead you’ll feel dehydrated and sluggish when you wake up. Instead, pack some herbal teabags and make some warm tea to calm your body before you go to sleep. A well rested body is necessary to combat germs, carry heavy bags, and cope with long day activities.

8. Be active everywhere! Take stairs instead of escalators (they’re usually more crowded anyway), do deadlift using your backpack, if it’s less than three kilometer and you’re not running out of time, always walk instead of taking cabs (unless it’s night or in a dangerous area.)

9. If you’re visiting a place that requires you to do difficult hikes, don’t forget to stretch beforehand to avoid muscle injuries.

10. Check the weather forecast online for the entire trip and plan your outfits accordingly. That includes raincoats and waterproof boots when it’s rainy season, windbreaker jacket on windy places, and a good, thick winter coat when it’s snowy. It’s better to look bundled like a bear on your holiday photos than to nurse your flu during the whole trip.

That’s all guys, if you can commit to those ones, I guarantee your travels can be even more fun, and best yet… say goodbye to the holiday extra weights!

Next up, Read more about how to save money when you’re on vacation.


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Mamiiii love love love your writings!! Tiap hari ngecekin blog mami fufufu!


thank uuu sayangg seneng banget mami dengernya hihi


What a useful tips! Already saved for my guide to stay healthy for my next trip. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


Thanks for sharing these tips. Eating right is the toughest while traveling! Fixing your breakfast is great advice, since that should prevent you from feeling hungry while outdoors and succumbing to junk food. I usually stay at a hotel with a sauna, and drink plenty of fluids. Helps improve circulation and makes me feel more energetic through the day.

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