Nicoline Patricia Malina has risen to be one of the top of the industry as both a photographer and photo educator in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta and constantly roaming the globe, her work has appeared in international fashion publications and prestigious advertising. She shoots worldwide for an array of brands and advertising agencies in Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality industries. Aside from her unmistakably photographic style, her clients repeatedly seek her out for her collaborative, problem solving nature. Her Fashion Photography portfolio can be viewed here.

Aside from her commercial work, Nicoline finds her solace in her personal photographic work, namely her travel diary and personal muses portraits. Needing a platform to share her non commercial photo collection, she launched the website Nicoline’s Journal in 2015 as a part of her official website; serving the purpose of a photo diary of her travel journal and personal muse shoots.

Within a year her blog has garnered more than 40k pageviews with international readers seeking daily information and inspirations for travel and fashion photography. Apart from sharing her travel stories, Nicoline also writes about Photography tips and guides for beginner and advanced photographers. As a photographic educator, she always works on new ways to share her passions and knowledge with others.

Melvin Roberto

Melvin is the Lead Producer at NPM Photo. He discovered his passion for advertising industry at a young age, and has been an integral part of the team since 2011. When he’s not busy liaising with clients and scheduling photoshoot, he likes to travel and creates DIY stuff.

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I came cross your photo: a girl wearing white dress and the background was Kawah Putih when searching for visit Bandung, the photograph was awesome, never seen one like that before. Very talented!
By the way, do you know who design the white dress?


Introduce me Indra PIC Online from Prima Imaging.
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The professionals in Indonesia, and this time we will hold
Phase One seminar with speakers Muse Chan.
If there are things that you want to question about this seminar, please
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Over time and attention we give thanks


Hi Nicoline,
I discovered your blog whilst working on a guide about Travel. I’m reaching out to you today to see if you’re open to accepting a guest post on
I’d love the opportunity to provide you an article that is unique and well-written around a topic that your readers will enjoy. I appreciate your time is valuable and I’m willing to offer you a small admin fee for posting it.
Happy to send some topic ideas to you and then we can take it from there.
Let me know if you’re interested.
Claire Greene


Hi again,
A week ago I emailed you about a guest contribution on
I didn’t get a response so just wanted to get in touch again in case you didn’t receive my initial email.
Let me know if you’d like to work together.


Hello, firstly your photos are soooo amazing!! and sorry to bother, but can I use some of your photographies as a reference for a painting? Sorry again to bother. Thank you.


Hello, firstly your photos are soooo amazing!! and sorry to bother, but can I use some of your photographies as a reference for a painting? Sorry again to bother. Thank you!


Hi  Nicoline

Love your work

I am Tiro Sauls, a High-End Retouching artist from South Africa. I have a strong foundation in retouching, art and an analytical and systematic way of working on projects right from the start to completion.

View Portfolio

Kind Regards 
Tiro Sauls

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