Hi lovely people, a few weeks ago I got contacted by AirAsia Indonesia; they asked whether I want to join them for a familiarization trip to New Zealand. Do I want to? Heck are you kidding? NZ has been in my bucket list for ages, but somehow it was never crossed off the list because… … Continue Reading

I’ve been known as the control freak one who manages itineraries everytime I’m traveling with a group of family/friends. One of my succesful trips was the family Eurotrip earlier this year. We were traveling with a group of 7, visiting five countries in Europe in the middle of February (chilly winter) -with two countries that … Continue Reading

Hey guys, I’m back with another travel tips! Lots of people asked me how I stayed healthy during my travels, and to tell you the truth, I kinda do take care of my health seriously. Because nothing is worse than getting sick when you’re traveling, especially somewhere far and remote #knockonwood. Getting sick or ill … Continue Reading

If I were to choose between visiting the Notre Dame cathedral and the neighboring Sainte-Chapelle, most often I would choose the latter. Compared to the huge size of Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle is a smaller and more intimate chapel. Despite many visitors flocking this place everyday, it still feels like a hidden secret. The chapel … Continue Reading

When it comes to long haul flights (six hours or more), it’s just simply far than possible to land with a salvaged skin (I dare not even to mention the words ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’ because… well #reality.) Your skin gets very little oxygen during the flight as you are stuck inside the plane without fresh air … Continue Reading

Hi guys it’s Melvin again! Today we are going to explore one of the most adorable area in Italy: the picturesque Cinque Terre. This journal is still a part from this summer holiday trip (check out my last posts about Chefchaouen and Florence.) Cinque Terre, as the name says (Cinque=Five, Terre=Lands), are made of five villages … Continue Reading

Hey y’all, Melvin’s here. I’m proudly guest editing the first ever Italy journal on this blog! Yay! 😁 😁 It was also my first time being in Italy and I’m glad I started off at the country’s most beautiful city: Florence. Of all the cities I had the chance to visit in Italy this time, I would … Continue Reading

When a place is overrun by tourists, there must be a good reason for it. Among all the other neighborhood in Paris, Montmartre remains as charming as ever since the first time I visited it. The area has kept the atmosphere of a French village remarkably intact with winding narrow streets, tiny terraces, long stairways, authentic cafes and pilgrimage-worthy … Continue Reading

Ah Paris, always my favorite subject to write about. I can write a thousand journals about Paris, and will still feel that I barely scratch the surface of the City Of Light. For those of you who’s been here on this journal for a bit, you surely know that there’s almost one journal about a … Continue Reading

Hi love! Some of you might remember a few photos from my Tokyo trip last week on Instagram. I didn’t post a lots of #npmaptokyo photos, not like usual, because this time I only stayed for a mere 3 days. But even though it was a short time, I had so much fun during the … Continue Reading