Darlings! I’m back after a week hiatus; work has been crazy since I came back from Tokyo two weeks ago. As you might know from my ENDLESS #npmaptokyo post on Instagram, I have so many stories to tell and even more photos to show you from that trip. Ok, first thing first, here’s what brought … Continue Reading

Oh hi love. I wouldn’t imagine that I will ever post a Beauty Haul journal, but here it goes! Airasia invited me and three other influencers for a familiarization trip to New Zealand Northern island a week ago (read it here and here), and on our last day in Auckland, we (four girls) were guilty … Continue Reading

Kia Ora! Today’s journal is the last of the #AirAsiaXploreNZ familiarization post… #sad. It was indeed too short, our time at the beautiful Northern island. But we came home bringing beautiful, unforgettable memories that we’ll treasure in our hearts forever. Don’t miss my previous New Zealand posts here: The New Zealand Journal: Dine and Wine … Continue Reading

No matter who you are and what tickles your fancy, I bet there’s always a spot that will capture your heart in the City of Light; even for the most anti-romantic at heart. Paris is not only about Eiffel Tower, macarons, fresh roses, Monalisa and high end shopping. Sure, if it’s your first time, you’ll … Continue Reading

Ok, admittedly I am not a LOTR/Hobbit fan, and I’m not going to lie that I’ve watched all the movies just for the sake of this journal post. I know a thing or two about it though (Gandalf, hottie/Viggo Mortensen, elf/Elijah Wood… I meant Hobbit. Don’t kill me), I watched some bits and pieces because … Continue Reading

Hi lovely people, a few weeks ago I got contacted by AirAsia Indonesia; they asked whether I want to join them for a familiarization trip to New Zealand. Do I want to? Heck are you kidding? NZ has been in my bucket list for ages, but somehow it was never crossed off the list because… … Continue Reading

I’ve been known as the control freak one who manages itineraries everytime I’m traveling with a group of family/friends. One of my succesful trips was the family Eurotrip earlier this year. We were traveling with a group of 7, visiting five countries in Europe in the middle of February (chilly winter) -with two countries that … Continue Reading

Hey guys, I’m back with another travel tips! Lots of people asked me how I stayed healthy during my travels, and to tell you the truth, I kinda do take care of my health seriously. Because nothing is worse than getting sick when you’re traveling, especially somewhere far and remote #knockonwood. Getting sick or ill … Continue Reading

If I were to choose between visiting the Notre Dame cathedral and the neighboring Sainte-Chapelle, most often I would choose the latter. Compared to the huge size of Notre Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle is a smaller and more intimate chapel. Despite many visitors flocking this place everyday, it still feels like a hidden secret. The chapel … Continue Reading

When it comes to long haul flights (six hours or more), it’s just simply far than possible to land with a salvaged skin (I dare not even to mention the words ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’ because… well #reality.) Your skin gets very little oxygen during the flight as you are stuck inside the plane without fresh air … Continue Reading