Back atcha with another China Journal babes! As I promised earlier, I’m going to share our Tunxi diary from our last trip to Huangshan/Yellow Mountain. Tunxi (屯溪区) is the hub for every domestic transportation all over China that leads to the mountain. If you’re traveling to Huangshan, most likely you will start from Tunxi before … Continue Reading


The thing about December is that I’ve waited the whole year for it, only to find each day fleeting by and before you know it; it’s already the third week. There’s nothing slow about December, and that’s the beauty of the month: that it’s so transient. This year has been filled with passport stamps, new … Continue Reading

Wait what? Is it December yet? I just checked Hans Daniel’s lovely (and very Christmassy) blog post today and it just struck me that YES IT’S DECEMBER. I know I say this every year… time flies, everything went by SO fast, feels like we counted down to Happy 2017 just moments ago (I was in … Continue Reading

Back at ya babes with another Asia travel itinerary featuring the Pearl of The Orient, the Queen of The East, The Paris of Asia, and many other names this captivating city goes along with; Shanghai. There’s something about Shanghai that I can never find in any other cities in Asia. It’s hard to put it … Continue Reading

Huangshan (黄山): the mountains that has been immortalized in endless numbers of ancient Chinese paintings, poetries and stories. The mountains that all my Chinese friends have described with excited voice and adoring eyes. The mountain named after The legendary Yellow Emperor who unified the whole China (hence the popular name ‘Yellow Mountains’, because it’s not … Continue Reading

Hi lovely people; hope you had fun reading my last post on Autumn in Japan. Thanks for all the love you sent me on Instagram DM and emails; I will keep writing about more Asian destinations in the future! As some of you might know if you follow my Instagram Stories, the last jumble of trips … Continue Reading

Hi love, back again with another Japan Journal; and this one is based on a popular request (from you!) that filled my Instagram inbox. Hope you enjoy reading this ‘Autumn Diary in Tohoku’ as much as I enjoy writing about it; in fact, I am currently typing this while being drowned in my autumn-post-holiday blues. … Continue Reading

Darlings! I’m back with another Tokyo Journal. You’ve followed me to the bustling Akihabara, Asakusa and go crazy shopping in Shibuya; and today we’ll have an exciting schedule: unwinding ourselves from all the city’s hustle and bustle in the hip and quiet neighborhood of Daikanyama (coffee is scheduled here), then we’ll continue up high in … Continue Reading

Love! We’re back to another post of my Tokyo Journal about shopping, dining at Shibuya & Harajuku/Omotesando! For those who missed the first post about our adventures in Akihabara, Ueno and Asakusa (that… if you call shopping an adventure), read all about it here. This journal today is quite a challenge, what haven’t I posted … Continue Reading