Hi love! I’ve finally stopped slacking and now present you the most requested travel journal of the year: Sumba! It’s been months since I promised you to write it #sorry, and I figured that this post is worthy of the start of 2019- a post of one of my favorite destinations in my beloved country. … Continue Reading

Bright hues of the boldest reds, fiery oranges, glowing pink and brilliant blues, all come in spectacular harmony against the backdrop of sand dunes, temples and exquisite palaces. Vivid colored sarees, stacks of jewelries and beautiful embroideries are the cultural dress code of the state; they reflect the spirits, charms and warmth of the Rajasthanis … Continue Reading

“Hi Nic, I really love your India post on Instagram. I too would like to visit India but I’m too scared because [insert every possible rational/irrational fears]” Dear lovers, I read your messages, and I feel your messages. Admittedly, I encountered the same fear. Most of the things I’ve read and heard on the media … Continue Reading

Hey love, finally the journal post you’ve been waiting for: Our India itinerary! But first and foremost, I can’t thank you enough for always being with us during the whole journey. I’ve read your messages and comments on Instagram and though I can’t reply to every single one of it yet, please do know that … Continue Reading

Jaisalmer, 28 March 2018 You know the ultimate horror when, without any warning, your external harddrive led light didn’t blink when you plug it on, and it started to make odd whirring sound? And then ten minutes later you stared at your screen and the drive still wasn’t read by your laptop. You waited. You … Continue Reading

Back atcha with another China Journal babes! As I promised earlier, I’m going to share our Tunxi diary from our last trip to Huangshan/Yellow Mountain. Tunxi (屯溪区) is the hub for every domestic transportation all over China that leads to the mountain. If you’re traveling to Huangshan, most likely you will start from Tunxi before … Continue Reading


The thing about December is that I’ve waited the whole year for it, only to find each day fleeting by and before you know it; it’s already the third week. There’s nothing slow about December, and that’s the beauty of the month: that it’s so transient. This year has been filled with passport stamps, new … Continue Reading

Wait what? Is it December yet? I just checked Hans Daniel’s lovely (and very Christmassy) blog post today and it just struck me that YES IT’S DECEMBER. I know I say this every year… time flies, everything went by SO fast, feels like we counted down to Happy 2017 just moments ago (I was in … Continue Reading

Back at ya babes with another Asia travel itinerary featuring the Pearl of The Orient, the Queen of The East, The Paris of Asia, and many other names this captivating city goes along with; Shanghai. There’s something about Shanghai that I can never find in any other cities in Asia. It’s hard to put it … Continue Reading